How We Work

Our Commitment to Grantees

At the core of our partnership with grantseekers is a commitment to listen to, learn from, and support you throughout our grantmaking process.

The George Foundation makes four commitments to grantseekers. We will:
  1. Be transparent, respectful, open, and honest. 
  2. Review, consider, and respond to all applications and inquiries with timeliness and professionalism.
  3. Solicit feedback to improve our work and collaboration with grantees and the community.
  4. Continue to provide professional development opportunities for Fort Bend nonprofits, like our Excellence for Nonprofit Leadership program.

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What We Fund

General Operating Grants

The Operating or Program/Project Grant Application is available to organizations applying for a grant larger than $25,000.

$25,000 & under “Small Grant”

This is a grant opportunity for new or smaller nonprofits with a streamlined application process for general operating, program, or project grants. The Small Grant is not only an option for small organizations but may also be used by larger organizations that may only need to request a small grant to carry out critical programs or increase capacity. We believe that these grants provide important support for much-needed services to diverse communities throughout Fort Bend County.”

Capital Projects

Our Capital Grants typically require the following:

  • The organization requesting support clearly serves an under-resourced population,
  • In instances where the Foundation’s support is likely to leverage much greater giving from other community sources such as government, corporations, individuals and other foundations and,
  • Where it is clear that an effective local campaign, involving extensive citizen participation and grassroots leadership has been or will be mounted. Note: Program grants, which include requests for capital items such as furniture, computers, video recorders, etc., are not included within this general policy.

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Grant Application FAQ

The George Foundation is proud to support Fort Bend County’s outstanding network of nonprofit organizations led by staff and volunteers who serve our community with passion and purpose.

First, confirm your organization’s eligibility and ensure your request is aligned with our funding priorities.

All grant requests must be completed through the Foundation’s on-line Grant Portal.   The application process begins with the submittal of a Letter of Intent (LOI) and select LOI submissions will then be invited to submit a full grant application. You can  learn more details about our grant process here

There are no deadlines for submission of LOIs or Applications. Foundation staff will initiate a review upon receipt of your complete request. The annual cycle for Applications runs from November 1 – October 31 each year, with refreshed application forms available on November 1.

Typically, the application review process takes 3-4 months before a request is presented to the Trustees for determination. However, the process may take longer based on the complexity of the request or additional due diligence requirements. 

Trustees review and consider requests monthly.

The amount of a grant award depends on several factors including the request purpose, community need, and projected impact on the community. A review of recent Foundation grants data shows that 46% of grants awarded were $25,000 or less, 38% were between $25,001-$100,000, and 16% were greater than $100,000. Please review our Funding Map for a reference of grant sizes for various types of organizations and programs.

The Foundation only accepts applications through our Grants Portal, which uses the Foundant platform. You can register for an account here.

Applicants typically submit a proposal narrative, a detailed program budget, Board of Directors list, current organizational budget, recently completed fiscal audit, and a framework or key metrics to measure impact of the potential grant award.

Yes, staff frequently schedule site visits during their due diligence process once your LOI is approved and a complete application has been submitted. Grant Staff will coordinate the site visit if needed.

Many factors are evaluated and considered when reviewing applications for funding including: 
  • How the organization or a specific program helps to meet a critical, unmet need in Fort Bend County,
  • The organizations’ stability and executive leadership,
  • Alignment with the Foundation’s grantmaking priorities,
  • The organization’s ability to effectively implement the proposed activities with volunteers and staff, financial resources, organizational mission, and experience.
  • A clear evaluation plan to measure outcomes. 

The Foundation encourages organizations to apply to other funding sources as a broad funding base demonstrates greater organizational stability.

Generally, organizations may submit no more than one application a year. Under unique circumstances, the Foundation’s Trustees may invite additional requests from an organization within a single calendar year.

Applicants may submit a capital request and an operating or program request within a calendar year. Capital grants are funded on a more competitive basis.

All Applicants will receive an email communication regarding the disposition of their LOI and/or grant request within 5 days of it being presented to the Board of Trustees.

The Foundation receives far more requests than can be funded each year. Trustees must make difficult decisions due to limited resources. It is important to reinforce that a decision by the Foundation to decline a request does not reflect on the applicant’s merits or its work in the community.   

We kindly ask that an organization wait a full year to submit a new request following a declination.

The Foundation only makes direct grants to 501(c)3 organizations and does not support individual or private fundraising activities; therefore, we are unable to fund your request.

The Foundation invests directly in programs and services outlined in our funding priorities. Therefore, the Foundation does not sponsor events or purchase tables for special events.

As a place-based Foundation laser-focused on Fort Bend County, our grants are awarded only to 501(c)(3) organizations located in Fort Bend County or nonprofits that provide vital services to Fort Bend County residents not otherwise available in our community. If an organization is not physically located in Fort Bend County, it must clearly demonstrate a strong benefit, positive impact, and accessibility to Fort Bend residents.

Although we understand the desire to make such a presentation, the Foundation does not accommodate individual presentations given the number of inquiries and proposals considered.  The Trustees request that all inquiries and communications regarding the Foundation’s grantmaking program be directed exclusively to the Grant Staff.

Grant Staff is always happy to assist Applicants and Grantees with questions regarding our grantmaking program. Please contact us at or 281.342.6109.

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What We Do Not Fund

Examples of areas the Foundation does not fund:
  • Pass-through or regranting organizations (i.e., organizations that primarily raise funds/generate revenue to then distribute money to recipients of its selection)
  • Youth or adult sports teams/recreational leagues
  • Religious or private schools
  • Individual K-12 public schools (we review requests from school districts or charter networks as a whole)
  • Churches or other organized religious bodies
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Individuals
  • Institutions that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation in policy or practice
  • Endowments
  • Political interests of any kind
  • Loans or debt reduction
  • Research or studies
  • Regional, national, or international programming
  • Purchase of special event tickets, tables, or advertisements
  • Sponsorships for events, workshops, fairs, or festivals
  • Travel or fees for conferences, seminars, conventions, performances, or competitions
  • Grants that impose expenditure responsibility on the Foundation