A Philanthropic Couple Rooted in Texas

Albert and Mamie George established The George Foundation in 1945.

Albert and Mamie George established The George Foundation in 1945 with the purposeful intent to give back to the community that blessed their lives.  While Albert oversaw the family business interests, it was Mamie’s compassion for those less fortunate that served as the driving force for the creation of the Foundation and its vision.

Mamie George’s ancestors were members of Stephen F. Austin’s “Old 300” who settled in present-day Fort Bend County and built a successful cattle and farming operation. Over four generations, the family assembled property with Mamie George being the final member of the lineage to inherit the family’s landholdings.  

At one point, the Ryons owned or leased over 80,000 acres or roughly 10% of Fort Bend County.

In the 1920s, the discovery of oil on The George Ranch elevated the family’s wealth to an unforeseen level. However, along with prosperity came tragedy. The Georges’ only child, Davis George, died of infant cholera at the age of two. Years later, Mary Jones, the Georges’ beloved niece and heir apparent to the estate, died in a tragic car accident while returning to the ranch from a trip to Houston.

With no living heirs to their estate and a strong desire to impact the community, especially those most vulnerable, Albert and Mamie George created The George Foundation.  Originally seeded with $10,000 and fully funded after Mamie’s death in 1971, the Georges’ vision of creating a lasting impact on Fort Bend County has been realized.