Message from the Chair

Welcome to The George Foundation where we are committed to building and supporting a vibrant and prospering local community in Fort Bend County. As Chair of the Board of Trustees, we take our commitment very seriously to honor Mamie and Albert George’s wishes to give back to our local community and create a lasting impact on Fort Bend County.

2024 will mark the 200th Anniversary of The George Ranch and the 79th year of The George Foundation. Over these years, we have invested nearly $270 million in the people and places that make Fort Bend County so special – by funding early childhood programs, abuse and prevention initiatives, health care for the indigent, affordable housing, schools to educate our youth and build job skills, hospitals and clinics to care for our sick, services to engage our seniors and scholarships to open doors for college students.

Just driving around Fort Bend County, one can see the impact with libraries, hospitals, schools, community centers, abuse/prevention centers, early childhood centers and after-school programs bearing the name of the Georges. But the impact is far more substantial. It’s in the smiles of children who are healing from abuse, the confidence of women who are building lives free from violence, the laughter of our seniors dancing at a senior center, the cheers of a first-generation high school student learning that she was awarded a scholarship to attend college, and the sparkle in the eyes of the little boy who can see the chalkboard for the first time after receiving his first pair of eyeglasses.

And these stories are repeated every day, every month, every year and have been for the past 79 years since The George Foundation was founded. At The George Foundation, we believe that we live here, we work here and we give here. And we will continue supporting the people of Fort Bend County for generations to come.

Ruthanne Mefford
Signed Ruthanne Mefford

Chair – The George Foundation

January 1, 2024