Green Thumbs Cultivate Community 

Fresh vegetables are proven to have a myriad of health and nutritional benefits. However, for many Fort Bend families, fresh produce is not an option due to limited financial resources.   Michael and Lorraine Streeb recognized this dilemma and decided to do something about it.   The couple’s passion for gardening and community service led them to establish God’s Garden, a local nonprofit combating food insecurity by providing fresh, organic vegetables to food pantries and other organizations, delivered on the same day they are harvested. Driven by the Streeb’s vision, countless hours of sweat equity, and a dedicated team of volunteers, God’s Garden provided over 37,000 pounds of fresh produce to a network of local nonprofit partners over the past two years at NO COST. Through the work of God’s Garden, fresh vegetables are now regularly on the table of more Fort Bend families, proving you can cultivate produce and a community with the right inputs. 

Group shoveling dirt
God's Garden
Girl working in community garden

Follow this link for more information about God’s Garden.