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Youth-in-Philanthropy (YIP)

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow by energizing students to serve their community today is the core of the YIP experience.

The Youth in Philanthropy program brings together 150 juniors and seniors from across Fort Bend County to grow as leaders and learn about the nonprofit sector.  Students give of their time six Saturdays out of the school year to serve the local nonprofits who strive to make Fort Bend County better.  At the conclusion of their six month journey, the students work together to reward the nonprofits with grants provided by The George Foundation.  In return for the students’ service to our community, some outstanding YIP participants are awarded higher education scholarships at a celebratory luncheon.  The YIP program brings together students, nonprofits and community members at large.  

YIP 2022-2023 Dates:

10/8/2022 Orientation (Mandatory)

11/12/2022 Nonprofit Session 1

12/10/2022 Nonprofit Session 2

1/14/2023 Nonprofit Session 3

2/11/2023 Nonprofit Session 4

3/4/2023 Evaluation (Mandatory)