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For years, Girl Scouting has been synonymous with cookies, camping and crafts, but the modern Girl Scout is equipped with so much more.

She doesn’t just sell cookies.  She runs her own business.  She likes roasting marshmallows by the campfire, but she’s more interested in conservation and the great outdoors.  And she doesn’t just make crafts, she makes decisions.

Without a doubt, Girl Scouts provides girls with opportunities to gain skills that will help them succeed in the 21st century.  More importantly, it meets girls where they are and helps them find their voice and discover their self-worth so they are better equipped to overcome challenges and thrive at home, at school and in their community.

“We understand that every girl is different and we believe that every girl, regardless of life circumstances, deserves the opportunity to reach her full potential,” says Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council CEO Mary Vitek.  “And part of that work includes reaching underserved and at-risk girls through our outreach programs.”

One of these programs is Girl Scouts on the Go, which provides in-school and out-of-school programming to more than 1,000 girls in Fort Bend County, and The George Foundation is honored to have helped fund this impactful initiative since 1996.  The program serves girls in areas that are otherwise underserved by youth development programs and demonstrate a great need for Girl Scouting. In addition to promoting local, state and national education standards, the program’s curriculum encourages girls to explore and learn about environmental issues.  And by participating in the iconic Girl Scouts Cookie Program, girls learn about entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

The program, however, also stresses character development and addresses key challenges faced by girls today, like bullying and self-esteem.

“Girls need a supportive, all-girl environment where they can practice social skills and test their leadership abilities,” says Vitek. “This is one of the many ways Girl Scouting is unique.”

One of the highlights for girls in the outreach program is the ability to go to camp - something many of them never imagined was possible.  As part of the program, girls get to go camping at GSSJC’s Camp Myra S. Pryor, which is located on the Colorado River near Nada, TX. Complete with cabins, an acitivty center and a number of unique natural attractions, like a bald eagle’s nest located off the river, the camp lets girls explore nature up close and personal. Here, girls grow their courage, confidence and character as they make lifelong memories and gain new experiences.

“Many people associate Girl Scouts with the great outdoors - and rightly so! Girl Scouts has a long tradition of getting girls into nature, whether they’re learning basic survival skills, taking a hike or going camping,” says Vitek.

The George Foundation is proud to have supported the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council since 1975, through program grants for Girl Scouts on the Go in Fort Bend County, as well as capital improvements at Camp Myra S. Pryor to help enhance the Girl Scout experience. To learn more, please visit the Girl Scouts of SJC website.